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Man and Woman, One in Christ: An Exegetical and Theological Study of Paul's Letters

Man and Woman, One in Christ, by Philip Payne. Signed copy only $19.99 plus shipping. Also see  NT essays by Payne, available for free download.

The Codex Vaticanus open, showing that each leaf has its original shape


Bibliorum Sacrorum Graecorum Codex Vaticanus B is the only color facsimile of the oldest surviving manuscript of virtually the entire Bible in Greek. It was written about A.D. 350 and is regarded as the most important manuscript of the Greek Bible. The photographic quality and color reproduction is amazingly faithful to the original. Most of the 450 numbered copies printed for sale have already been sold.

The price of this last copy is $7999 and includes DHL shipping and insurance.

Why Can't Women Do That?

Why Can't Women Do That, the latest book by Philip Payne. Signed copy only $9.99 plus shipping, Order Form.

Codex Sinaiticus Facsimile, available for a short time for $699.95.


Codex Sinaiticus facsimile, The remarkably clear color facsimile of the fourth-century Codex Sinaiticus of all the NT and half of the LXX plus Tobit, Judith, 1 and 4 Maccabees, Wisdom, Sirach, Barnabas, and the Shepherd is available for a limited time for $699.95, Order Form. We believe this is by far the best price available anywhere. The list price is $999. Shipping the 32 lb box by UPS ground is $59 within the USA 48 states. Shipping to the UK is $149 and $129 to most other western European countries, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea are $149. Egypt, Israel, India, and Singapore are $169. 828 pages 13.5 x 16.5 in., cloth with slipcase. ISBN: 9781598565775

Le manuscrit B de la Bible

Le manuscrit B de la Bible, probably the most important book on Codex Vaticanus ever written, with PB Payne's historic chapter on Distigmai. Only $49.95 plus shipping.

FAQ — List of Questions

This is a complete list of all our Frequently Asked Questions, organized as General, Macintosh-related and Windows-related. If you do not find the answer to your question here and would like to suggest a topic for these pages, please contact us.


Can I use a Linguist's Software font on my work computer and my home computer (or my desktop computer and a laptop)?

Can I transfer a product I have purchased to another person?

Are there Customs fees for the products I purchase from you?

I am using your fonts in a book I am writing. Are there any licensing requirements for this use?

Will your fonts work in all of my programs?

Are your fonts Unicode-compatible?

I cannot access your Order Form.

When I try to access your diskette in my floppy drive to install the software, my system gives me a message that the diskette is not formatted and it asks me if I want to do so.

Where do I get technical support for third-party software I purchase from Linguist's Software?

Do you have a font that looks like Church Slavonic, but will print English in that style? In other words, I need an English font whose characters look stylistically like Old Church Slavonic letters. Similarly can I create English in letter shapes like Gaelic, Littera, Fraktur, and Saxon?

Do any of your fonts include the eth, thorn and yogh?

What do the terms "overstrike" and "deadkey" mean in your product descriptions?

I do not have a credit card? How else may I pay?

Will your fonts work on my PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)?

Are the Windows and Macintosh versions of your fonts compatible?

Can I use my word processor's Sort feature with your fonts?

What is the difference between your TrueType and Type 1 fonts? How do I decide which to install?

Can I get a free evaluation copy or demo of one of your fonts?

Can I use your fonts with OCR software?

Can I use your fonts to publish a web page?

Your product has more than one keyboard. Which one do I use?

Do your products translate my files from English into the language of the font?

Can I use the Symbol font that ships with Windows and Macintosh operating systems to read files typed in your SymbolGreek II font?

Can I place the overstriking accents or other diacritics in one or your fonts over my text which I have already typed with a standard Windows/Macintosh font?

Can I get a discount if I purchase multiple copies of a product?

Some of your products have the word "Laser" in their title. Do I need a laser printer to use them?

Can I use Linguist's Software fonts to read web pages in specific languages?

Can I get replacement diskettes or manuals for products I own?

How do I upgrade my product?

Can I embed Linguist's Software fonts in Adobe Acrobat PDF or in Bitstream TrueDoc PFR files?

How do I know if I have the latest version of a product?

Why do characters on screen appear uneven or ragged in Windows, even though they print beautifully?



Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) tells me my fonts are corrupted.

Will your products work in Macintosh OS X?

We have Macintosh files created with the CyrillicNuTranslit font, which is no longer available. How can we update these files with current fonts? How can we then move these files to Windows?

My Macintosh freezes when I try to print from Internet Explorer 5.0 while EuroScript (or InduScript or AsiaScript) is installed.

Do you have software to search the PHI (Packard Humanities Institute) CD-ROMs (Latin Texts and Bible versions)?

I own the TLG Engine. Do I need to upgrade it for use with the new TLG_E CD-ROM?

Do your Macintosh fonts work with Mac OS9?

I purchased an Apple Language Kit from you in the past (Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese or Korean). Will it work in Macintosh OS9, or do I need an upgrade?

When attempting to build an index in AnyText, the message "No such menu item" appears.

Typing Option-i,E (ASCII character 230) does not produce a character on screen in Microsoft Word 98



Are your products Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista compatible?

The Installation process stops before finishing (my computer "hangs during installation").

Certain letters with diacritics cannot be typed in Microsoft Word.

The Ctrl-Alt+g keystroke does not work.

The Greek sigma changes to a final sigma when followed by an accented letter.

The Windows Language Bar does not work as expected (or no longer works).

Word 2007 does not properly embed all characters in an embeddable font.

I cannot type decimal characters 253 or 254 using the keyboard.

Typing produces boxes in InDesign 2.0 in Windows 2000.

Overstrikes do not print using the HP Color LaserJet 5550 printer.

The ASCII-to-Unicode Converters do not convert text originally typed with very old Linguist's Software fonts.

Text typed in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 changes to the Arial font.

Accents are distorted or wrong on screen but print correctly.

None of the dead key keystrokes work.

How do I find help for problems using the Windows products?

Three keystrokes do not work (Ctrl-Alt+d, Ctrl-Alt+i, Ctrl-Alt+l).

How can I tell if I need an upgrade?

When I open Linguist's Software Bible texts in a non-US version of Word for Windows and then copy and paste text from the Bible texts into a new file, spaces are sometimes placed in the file in the middle of words.

When I try to install Linguist's Software fonts Windows gives an error message and will not allow installation.

I cannot input the character in ASCII position 130 in a Linguist's Software font; my word processor instead inputs the character in ASCII position 145.

When I type the backslash key my non-English version of Word inputs the Yen sign instead of the character on the Linguist's Software keyboard layout chart.

Some text pasted into PowerPoint 2000 cannot be formatted in the correct font.

WordPad does not display overstriking accents on screen.

WordPad puts a space after accents.

After rebooting my computer my keyboard settings are changed. I have the third-party program Kyrillica 97 installed.

Can I use your fonts to create a Windows Help file in a certain language?

Overstriking accents are not printing correctly.

Some of your Bibles are published in Write format. What is that? Will it work in Word?

When I use Insert Symbol to input characters into a file the words do not wrap correctly.

When I type I get different results from what the keyboard chart shows (I get different characters or windows open, a footnote is inserted, or other unexpected things happen).

Linguist's Software fonts show in the Word 2000 font menu in their own script, making it difficult to figure out the names of the fonts. I prefer font names in Latin letters.

I own Linguist's Software fonts purchased before Word 97 was released by Microsoft. When I type in Word 2000 or 97: 1) I get nothing but little boxes, rectangles, or question marks; or 2) Word wrap is not correct; the line wraps in the middle of words; or 3) Spell-checking does not work; or 4) Files I have created in earlier versions of Word using older fonts from Linguist's Software do not open correctly in Word 2000 or 97.

Fonts that are available in other programs do not appear in Word's font menu.

When I attempt to insert a character from a Linguist's Software font into my file using the Insert | Symbol menu command, the Linguist's Software font does not appear in the Symbols Font: list box.

In the Keyboard Properties box, when I click on the Apply or Okay buttons to complete the association of a keyboard layout with an input locale (in Windows 2000/NT) or language (in Windows 98/95), Windows tells me it cannot find the needed keyboard file and to put my Windows CD in the CD-ROM drive.

In Windows 2000/NT4 when I type, some characters appear as boxes.

When I type all characters appear as boxes.

After installing the keyboard files Windows will not start or starts only in Safe Mode.

When I try to add a keyboard layout in the Language tab of the Keyboard Properties box, I get a blank dialog box with the message, "Old-style keyboard driver detected, pane disabled."

When I try to install the keyboards by running SETUP95.EXE, a black DOS screen appears for just an instant and then goes away, nothing else happens, and the keyboards are not installed. (When I go to the keyboard properties list of keyboards, they are not present.)

When I go to the Keyboard Properties box to add a keyboard layout, there is no Language tab.

In the Keyboard Properties box, when I click on the Properties button to associate a keyboard layout with a language, there are two similar keyboards available, such as "GreekLS-US" and "GreekLS US".

The "Install New Font" Menu Command is missing in my Fonts folder.

Fonts that I have installed and which are listed in the Fonts folder are not available to be selected within programs.

TrueType fonts do not appear in my Fonts folder.

When I try to install Linguist's Software TrueType fonts for the first time, I get the following error message: The <fontname> TrueType font is already installed. To install a new version, first remove the old version.

Previously created documents are printed differently or the formatting is changed when I view the document.

Typing in a Linguist's Software font produces nonsense.

I get different characters in print than I do on the screen; or everything works except a couple of characters.

When I try to follow the keyboard layout chart, nothing happens when I press Ctrl-Alt\ (backslash) or Shift+Ctrl-Alt\ (backslash).

My password no longer works. I cannot get into my system.

As I type in a Linguist's Software font, my word processor suddenly reverts to the default (Times New Roman) font.

When using Publisher 2000 I cannot input the characters in ASCII positions 142 or 158 in a Linguist's Software font. Instead I get a Z-caron or z-caron (Z-hacek or z-hacek).

In WordPerfect 12.0, certain characters cannot be input into a document.

In WordPerfect 11.0, certain characters cannot be input into a document.

In WordPerfect 10.0, certain characters cannot be input into a document.

In WordPerfect 9.0, certain characters cannot be input into a document.

In WordPerfect 9.0, overstriking accents print as spaces.

In WordPerfect 8.0, overstriking accents print as spaces.

In WordPerfect 7.0, overstriking accents print as spaces.

In WordPerfect 5.x and 6.0 overstriking accents print as spaces, and right margins are not right.

Assorted characters do not type in any version of WordPerfect.

Imported texts are garbled in WordPerfect.

Character ANSI 255 does not type in some versions of WordPerfect.

Installing Type 1 fonts with Adobe Type Manager gives error messages.

The SymbolGreek font does not appear in WordPerfect's font menu, or, if it does appear, when I choose a SymbolGreek typeface WordPerfect uses the Symbol font instead of SymbolGreek.

Fonts do not appear in WordPerfect's font menu.

I cannot type certain characters in Ventura Publisher 4.1.

In Ventura Publisher, overstriking accents print as spaces, and the right margin is not correct.

Overstriking accents do not appear or print correctly in Microsoft Works for Windows 2.x or 3.x.

I cannot type ASCII character 150 in Microsoft Works for Windows 2.x.

Fonts installed in the Windows 3.1 Control Panel do not show up in my applications, or else show on screen as a script-like system font.

I cannot print Linguist's Software TrueType fonts.

When I try to type ASCII codes using L-Alt0xxx, following the ASCII (Character) Code Charts in the back of the User's Manual, nothing happens.

When I type in Ami Pro(tm) 3.0 for Windows the accents do not appear on screen.

My fonts work in Windows Write, but do not show up in the font menu of Word for Windows, version 2.

I use Adobe Type Manager and the names of installed fonts do not appear in the font menu of Word for Windows, version 1.

Type 1 Fonts do not print from Windows 3.0.

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