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Man and Woman, One in Christ: An Exegetical and Theological Study of Paul's Letters

Man and Woman, One in Christ, by Philip Payne. Also see  NT essays by Payne, available for free download.

Why Can't Women Do That?

Why Can't Women Do That, by Philip Payne and Vince Haffaker.

Alternate Operating Systems

Linguist's Software Windows fonts will work outside of Windows (in DOS, OS/2, NeXT, UNIX and Linux), but Keyboard Switcher will not. Keyboard Switcher is a Windows utility that provides alternate, two-layer keyboard layouts, and access to four characters per key, while in Windows. This utility makes input of most characters in the font easy and intuitive. Without Keyboard Switcher, you will be able to install the fonts, and to follow the US keyboard arrangement for typing the characters in the lower ASCII character set, (ASCII positions 032-127). However, the characters in the extended ASCII character set (ASCII positions 128-255) will have to be input using ASCII (or ANSI) codes, or through some other method peculiar to your operating system or application. ASCII code tables are included in each manual, making it easier to determine the codes necessary to input each character.

DOS: To use Linguist's Software Windows fonts in DOS, you must have an application that recognizes TrueType or Type 1 fonts directly. Such applications as Microsoft Word 6.0 for DOS, WordPerfect 6.0a for DOS, or newer, and AutoCAD r.12 for DOS, are able to use these fonts, although in Word, you will not be able to see the actual characters of the font in edit mode, but in Preview mode only. (Word recognizes TrueType, AutoCAD recognizes Type 1, and WordPerfect recognizes both TrueType and Type 1.)

OS/2: The Type 1 format of the fonts will work in OS/2 version 2.x and newer. Be sure to ask us for additional instructions specific to this environment when you purchase for use in it. Remember, Keyboard Switcher does not work in OS/2. Thus, you will need to type the characters accessed by Keyboard Switcher by their ASCII code numbers.

To use Type 1 fonts in NeXT, you will need to ask for a special format of our fonts, and specific instructions for that operating system. Keyboard Switcher is not available. Thus, you will need to type the characters accessed by Keyboard Switcher by their ASCII code numbers. Creation by us of NeXT-formatted fonts may involve extra expense.

UNIX: Some UNIX operating systems are able to use Windows TrueType fonts by modifying them using a utility that comes with your operating system. Contact us for licensing information if this applies to you. Other UNIX operating systems require a UNIX Type 1 format (PostScript) printer font, which we can create as a custom product. Some operating systems also require Bitmap Distribution Format (.BDF) files for screen display, which we can create for you. Please review the information we must have from you in order to create a custom UNIX font, and then contact the sales office to discuss your needs. Keyboard Switcher will not work in the UNIX environment, so you will have to provide an input method peculiar to your operating system.

Linux: Linux users should order our Windows products. Under Linux both Type1 and TrueType fonts may be used. Our keyboard layouts cannot be installed into Linux so Linux users will have to make their own keyboard layouts or input characters in the extended ASCII range through an alternate method.

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